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Health Advocates receive FREE, formal standardised training from your local Workplace Health Leads

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Health Advocate Training is a FREE, one day session provided by the Workplace Health Improvement Specialists in the region.  This is usually done as a group activity with other Health Advocates from other workplaces in the Local Authority area, but if can be done in the workplace if there are more than 6 Health Advocates to be trained.

These sessions are a mix of instruction and interaction with the course tutor covering a range of relevant topics including:

  • Definition of health
  • Factors influencing health and attitudes to health
  • Role of the Health Advocate
  • Very Basic Advice
  • Behaviour change
  • Prevention of ill-health:

Physical Activity

Healthy Eating

Mental Wellbeing

Smoking Cessation


Sexual Health

  • NE BHAWA Process and Portfolio Building
  • Promoting Health in the Workplace
  • Health and Award Resources
  • Organising an Event/Campaign



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