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Health Advocates are pasionate about health and wellbeing and make a huge contribution to positive wellbeing. 

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Health Advocates: Remit

Below is a more detailed remit of the role of the Health Advocate to help you to make the right choice of person and to give you a better idea of how you can support them in that role.

Support will also be provided throughout the year from the local Better Health at Work Co-ordinator both on a one to one basis and through local support events and training.

Health Advocate Remit

Main purpose of role:

To support their organisation towards the achievement of the North East Better Health at Work Award.


  • Key Contact person between organisation and Award Assessors
  • Compilation of the portfolio of evidence required to achieve the award
  • Work in consultation with the Award Assessors at initial and any follow up meetings to identify any actions required
  • Progress health action plan (if required) to achieve award
  • Champion health initiatives/activities within their workplace


Time commitments needed:

(The actual time spent will depend upon the size and complexity of the organisation and the number of Health Advocates in the team)  

  • Attending Award induction and any support or training events organised by the award co-ordinators
  • Organise and run health campaigns and events
  • Compile portfolio evidence
  • Assessment visit facilitation
  • Health action plan work (if required)
  • Attendance at award celebration event


Associated costs:

  • Health Advocate’s time commitment
  • Travelling expenses for Health Advocate to attend events
  • Health promotion activities (most resources provided free by the NHS resources centre)
  • Identified training (some of this may also be free)

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